Our works

In Ukraine

JRS house for refugees in Lviv

At the moment JRS house for refugees in Lviv provides accommodation for 24 refugees. Conditions are very good compared to other points for refugees. People sleep on beds and they have regular meals. Bathrooms and laudry are for their disposal. What is more important is that the workers of the centre have experience in working with refugees and they know how to support them and help them to deal with trauma. Refugees can stay there as long as they need.

Stopping point for refugees in Khmelnytskyi

The retreat house in Khmelnitsky, was turned into a stopping point right at the beginning of the war. The house has 70 places and receives people fleeing from the east for one or two nights. Refugees are provided with a hot meal, separate rooms and access to bathrooms. For many of these people, this is the first place where they can feel safe.  The stopping point in Khmelnytskyi has served more than 870 people.

In Poland

Receiving refugees in parishes and in religious houses

There live 118 refugees in Jesuit houses and parish buildings in Poland at the moment. Also many parishioners have taken refugees under their roof. At the same time, various institutions are being set up for refugees. There are two points which distribute humanitrian aid in Jastrzębia Góra and in Gdynia, while in Nowy Sącz there will be set up a point in which there will be organised courses for refugees, and where they will receive psychological assistance.

Jesuit Social Centre “In Action”

JSC “In Action” is a work with many years of experience in working with refugees. Currently, above all, it runs a refugee accommodation campaign in Warsaw and the surrounding area. The centre already helped more than 90 people in finding lodging. Moreover, in cooperation with “Caritas”, the centre runs a reception point at the border in Zosin.  The centre also collects practical information, including information on the legal situation, and distributes its to other Jesuit works.

Humanitarian transports

We have one permanent transport connection to a refugee house in Ukraine. In addition, we regularly organize smaller transports according to our possibilities. We also act as an intermediary for transports organized in the west countries.

Receivng refugees in western countries

We act as an intermediary between refugees and organizations from other countries who want to host them at home. More than 470 people have found new home in France, Portugal and Switzerland in March and April.

Aid delivered by other works

Other works are also involved in helping Ukraine. Jesuit University in Kraków mediated the transportation and accommodation in Poland of disabled children from Ukraine. Currently it organizes language courses for refugees and constantly collects and sends aid to Ukraine. Collections were also held in Jesuit schools and academic ministries.