The group of 24 refugees received in Jesuit parish in Wrocław.

At the beginning of April, the Jesuit parish of Klemens Dworzak in Wrocław welcomed 10 women and 14 children from Ukraine. The youngest of the children is just a few months old.

The vast majority of the accommodated women work, the children go to school and the youngest to kindergartens. The refugees are also provided with specialist medical care, which they have already used many times. – informs parish priest Janusz Śliwa SJ.

The action of accepting refugees was entirely organised by the parish. It required a large and coordinated effort. Five large parish halls were adapted to the needs of the refugees. In order to make them habitable, gas was supplied, and three kitchenettes with refrigerators and gas cookers were installed. In addition, showers were installed in the bathrooms.

In order to ensure the privacy of the people admitted, one family or group of relatives was admitted to each of the 5 rooms. In addition, the whole of the catechetical house has been given over to them, so that no strangers have access to their living space.