Humanitarian aid hub in Gdynia


In March, 5 huge transports of humanitarian aid arrived at the Jesuit House in Gdynia. Two of them came from the UK, one from Ireland, one from Denmark, and one from Malta. They brought food, cosmetics, clothes, cleaning products, first aid kits, products for babies, etc. Over 60 tons of humanitarian aid has already arrived. The shipment from Malta alone was worth €35,000.

The amount of gifts arriving is so large that it requires the regular work of a group of several volunteers. In this group there are also refugees from Ukraine, who want to support process of delivering humanitarian aid to their country.

The gifts are stored in the house’s storage areas and then are distributed both to Ukraine and to some institutions supporting refugees in Poland. In Ukraine they were sent to the parishes in Mościska and Rohatyn and the hospital in Rivne, while in Poland they were delivered to points distributing humanitarian aid in Jesuit parishes in Gdynia and Jastrzębia Góra.

The role played by the Jesuit House in Gdynia was aptly summarised by fr. Minister Michał Gutkowski:

‘The College, because of its storage space in the basement, also in the parish, the number of hands to work and its location by the sea port, is becoming a local Jesuit aid hub’.